Crossroads Pentecostal Assembly

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Beginning this Wednesday, April 28th we are going to go through the five week series, "Mental Health with Dr. Jeff Baker".  Before you dismiss the idea of participating because it's maybe not a struggle of yours, may we gently remind you that even if you are blessed to not struggle with mental health, you likely know someone who does. "In this series, Dr. Jeff Baker, PhD, explores five topics concerning MENTAL HEALTH: ADDICTION, ANXIETY, CODEPENDENCY, GRIEF, and DEPRESSION.  Dr.Baker explains how these five topics manifest themselves in our lives and how to recognize them.  Dr.Baker describes how the brain functions when experiencing depression, anxiety & addiction, and what that may look like externally.  This series also offers practical advice for getting help for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or employee who is struggling in one of these areas."  Each weeks session averages approximately 15 minutes and will effectively equip you to recognize and respond to these common struggles.  There are no accompanying worksheets for this series so the time investment is minimal but the impact could be immeasurable.  Each week we will play the video in the sanctuary at 2pm for those who have difficulty accessing the online links.  The social distancing regulations below remain in effect on Wednesdays.  You are invited to join us virtually at 7pm to view each weeks video.  Links to join us virtually will be sent out on Wednesday morning.  The series will also be added to our library on RightNow Media which can be found by clicking here:

The resurrection is the most important moment in history, but it is more than an event we remember on Easter Sunday. Join pastor J.D. Greear as he takes a deeper look at Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection in the Gospel of Matthew, revealing the ways we should see ourselves in Jesus’s story.

Jesus died for us so that he could be alive in us today. Easter changes everything.

Beginning September 16th, we invite you to participate in our first online bible study.  We're going to study the Book of 1st Peter with speaker Kyle Idleman.  Between September 15th and 23rd, please watch video one on RightNow Media and work through the corresponding handout (you can print it yourself, or we are happy to print extra copies and distribute to interested participants). We'll meet online at 7pm on September 23rd to discuss and fellowship with one another.  Please indicate whether you plan on participating by emailing Marivic at [email protected], or calling the church office at 306-763-3828.  If there is enough interest, we will break into smaller online groups to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to fellowship.

For those of you who haven't heard of RightNow Media, it is like the Netflix of Christian Bible studies.  With access to 10,000+ Bible Study videos, from 150 leading Christian publishers and ministries, you'll find valuable tools for your neighborhood groups, personal development, and areas of life training like marriage and parenting.  It also has an incredible kids section with a wide variety of faith developing shows and music such as "VeggieTales" and "What's in the Bible".  Your membership is our gift to you.  Invitations are sent out from RightNow Media and specify that they are a gift to you from Crossroads.  If you haven't received an invitation or maybe it accidentally ended up in your junk mail, please contact the church and we'll be happy to send you a new invitation.